Salesup and great results can be the reality for your company. Training, coaching and the development towards the right company culture is the way to go.  After more than 30 years in sales and management of US IT companies I started my own company. In education you have a bachelors- or master’s degree in Administration, Science, Psychology etc. There is no Sales University.

I received the opportunity to help and educate sales- and management people in EMEA to increase their sales results. For them Salesup is the way to go. Together with a training development director of a big global IT company we developed a training on how to work more effective together with partners. After this training I developed an Account Management training and a Management training.
This was the start of my career as a trainer coach and executive to support even better results for many companies.

The start of my training program was in 2013 in Dubai. The 2-day training program was a success. After trainings in Dubai, Prague, Malaga, Dublin and Moscow my students and the clients are very satisfied about the success and the results of the training. On the training page you will find a summary of the different trainings.

Because of my skill set and passion for people I love to inspire train and coach people and groups to successful effective style of working together while having fun with the right results.
When I was the chairman of the board for a sustainability foundation in the Netherlands. I coached the General Manager  from the foundation towards the right strategy, plan of execution and results. Mission, vision and goals became clear for our customers and our team.

As a business coach you can enable and empower people to do what they want to do within their capabilities. As an external executive professional it is easier to support the management of a company.
As a start I made Executive Coaching on Demand building blocks but as always custom made Executive Coaching is always preferable. Together with my colleagues we want to be the power to grow your business towards success.

I look forward to work with you as well and assist, coach and help you to make your company more successful with better results.

Yours Faithfully,

Rob van der Hoeven MBA
Owner of Salesup